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Factoring calculator online to factor trinomials, polynomials and other expressions. Prime factorization calculators and widgets.

\lim_{x \to \infty} \exp(-x) = 0

 f(n) = n^5 + 4n^2 + 2 |_{n=17}

Factoring Trinomials

Use this online calculator to factorize any trinomial. Enter your expression and after pressing the button, you will see its simplest form. You need to fill the parts of your trinomial separately. See the sample data entered. The symbol ” ^ ” means grading. You should use it in your expression. Sometimes there may be alternate forms of  the factorized expression, you will be able to see all of them here. If you need any of the parts of the trinomial to be negative, just enter it with a minus in front of it: -4x^6 or reverse the signs.



This widget can be use only for trinomials, if you need to factor polynomials, you can use our factoring polynomials calculator. It can be used for any expression and is a more advanced tool, that will give you additional information about the polynomial. If you need some more nice tools, browse our site, we have some very interesting math widgets.


14 Responses to Factoring Trinomials Calculator

  • amelia says:

    this didn’t have the form our teacher wants us to put it in

  • Gabby says:

    The math problems with trinomials are one of the most difficult to me. This calculator helps me understand these equations better. Thank you!

  • Kristopher says:

    This helps me because I need to see a correct answer before I can teach myself what functions are happening and how to put together the process to get to the correct answer.

    Awesome tool. Also good for checking your work AFTER you try you try to factor.

  • Burke Strobel says:

    This factoring tool is cool, but I would really enjoy a javascript version of it. The one here is very slow sometimes… Can you do anything about that?

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