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\lim_{x \to \infty} \exp(-x) = 0

 f(n) = n^5 + 4n^2 + 2 |_{n=17}

How to factor quadratic equations? From now on, this will be as easy, as a walk in the park. You will not need to use any complicated quadratic formulas (If you don’t wish to), to find the roots of a quadratic formula and be able to factor it. The only thing you need now is just access to this page, where you can use our quadratic factoring calculator. You can go through some theory about this below…

This is how to factor quadratic equations manually:
1. Find the roots – x1 and x2
2. Then put the roots in the following expression: a(x-x1)(x-x2)=0
3. Viola… you have factored your equation.

The following factoring quadratics calculator automates this for you and does all the work to show you the result.

The Factoring Calculator

1. First, enter the quadratic equation you would like to factor.


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The Solution Will Appear Here!

Simply enter your quadratic formula, hit the button and you will see it factored…

Factoring Quadratic Equations

What is this? Nothing that special, to factor a quadratic equation like this: -4x2+4x+8 = 0 ,
means to convert it into the following form:
-4(x +1) (x -2) = 0

Converting a quadratic equation from standard form – ±ax2±bx±c=0 into a factored form, is usually done with the help of the formula:
a(x-x1)(x-x2)=0 , where x1 and x2 are the roots of the equation and ” a ” is the number in front of x2.

So to factor a quadratic equation you need:

1. To solve it
2. To use the formula from above, where to replace x1 and x2 with the roots you have found and ” a ” with the number in front of x2, in this case ( -4 ).
But solving equations could be a boring task, that’s why you can simply use our simple calculator, or our advanced one HERE. It’s much more cooler, it can draw you a chart, show you much more information about your function and has many more options you can take advantage of.

6 Responses to Factoring Quadratics Calculator

  • Noble says:

    Lol, this is a great tool. Especially if you are 8th grade 🙂 and have some quadratic formula homework. I will definitely use it for mine.

    • admin says:

      Nice to hear that this is of good use to you, Noble. Tell us if you have any ideas about how we can make it better. Thanks!

  • Das Mathematik-Führer says:

    you shouldn’t restrict your calculator to only the answerable format. for example.

    2a^2- 11a+ 15 = 2(x -3)(x -2.5) = 0

    But we both know in a more realistic form it should be factored to


    I advise you change/ update the programs’ software to this availability, you’ll certainly have happier users.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your advice! You are right, the form you offer is probably more convenient in some cases, but mine and yours, they are both correct. However, I will see what I can do about this issue…

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