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Here you can find many factoring calculators. Find the factors of any polynimial or number. Factoring polynomials calculator.


\lim_{x \to \infty} \exp(-x) = 0

 f(n) = n^5 + 4n^2 + 2 |_{n=17}

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Factoring different polynomials could be really hard and tough task, but… not anymore! In the age of computers, everybody can use them for anything, including factoring polynomials like this one for instance: f(x)=ax8-bx5+cx4-45x-78. Here is a nice:

Factoring Polynomials Calculator

Just enter your function ( f(x)= ) here in the form of: ax^8+bx^5+cx^4+45x-78, where a,b,c,d,…n are real numbers. Then press the button and you will see your function primarily factored.

How to Use the Factoring Calculator

If you are experiencing any issues using this calculator, please take a look at these instructions:

1. To factor a polynomial, you should just enter it in the field of the factoring calculator and hit the button.
2. Your mathematic signs should be entered properly,
ex: x2 should be entered as x^2
3. Copy and paste this polynomial to try the calculator: 35x^8+4x^5+5x^4+45x+8

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From now on, factoring a quadratic equation will be as easy as a walk in the park. You will not need to use any complicated quadratic formulas (If you don’t wish to), to find the roots of a quadratic formula and be able to factor it. The only thing you need now is just access to this page, where you can use our quadratic factoring calculator. You can go through some theory about this below…

Quadratic Equation Factoring Calculator

1. First, enter the quadratic equation you would like to factor.


= 0

Round to thousandths?Yes

The Solution Will Appear Here!

Simply enter your quadratic formula, hit the button and you will see it factored…

Factoring Quadratic Equations

What is this? Nothing that special, to factor a quadratic equation like this: -4x2+4x+8 = 0 ,
means to convert it into the following form:
-4(x +1) (x -2) = 0

Converting a quadratic equation from standard form – ±ax2±bx±c=0 into a factored form, is usually done with the help of the formula:
a(x-x1)(x-x2)=0 , where x1 and x2 are the roots of the equation and ” a ” is the number in front of x2.

So to factor a quadratic equation you need:

1. To solve it
2. To use the formula from above, where to replace x1 and x2 with the roots you have found and ” a ” with the number in front of x2, in this case ( -4 ).
But solving equations could be a boring task, that’s why you can simply use our simple calculator, or our advanced one HERE. It’s much more cooler, it can draw you a chart, show you much more information about your function and has many more options you can take advantage of.

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So, What Is a Prime Number?

Every prime number is a positive whole number that has only 2 and no more divisors – the number itself and the number ” 1 “. This is the most simple definition! To understand it even better, please check the following examples:

Some examples:

3 is a prime number, it is positive and round and it can be divided by only two numbers – 3 and 1
9 is NOT a prime number – can be divided by 1,3 and 9
11 is a prime number – can be divided by only 11 and 1

To learn more about primes, you can see the site: what is a prime number and read some nice stuff on this topic.

Is 1 prime number?

The answer is NO, because it has only one divisor: 1

Which Is The Only One Even Prime Number?

The answer of this questions is 2. As you know, every even number can be divided by 2 and every number can be divided by 1 and itself. This way for every even number, except 2 we have 3 divisors. 2 has only 2 – 1 and itself and that’s why it’s prime.

To see all prime factors of a number, or check a number if it’s prime or not, you can use the following calculator. Just type it and hit the button.

Enter any number to see its prime factors:

Enter the number:
Prime factors are:


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Factoring Trinomials

Use this online calculator to factorize any trinomial. Enter your expression and after pressing the button, you will see its simplest form. You need to fill the parts of your trinomial separately. See the sample data entered. The symbol ” ^ ” means grading. You should use it in your expression. Sometimes there may be alternate forms of  the factorized expression, you will be able to see all of them here. If you need any of the parts of the trinomial to be negative, just enter it with a minus in front of it: -4x^6 or reverse the signs.



This widget can be use only for trinomials, if you need to factor polynomials, you can use our factoring polynomials calculator. It can be used for any expression and is a more advanced tool, that will give you additional information about the polynomial. If you need some more nice tools, browse our site, we have some very interesting math widgets.


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Use our prime factorization calculators to factorize anything you would like! Here on this site you can find many different types of tools for factorization. Please, use the main menu to browse our online widgets categories. In many cases, if not the most, you might be looking for the following:

Prime Factorization Calculator

Factoring polynomials calculator – go here to use our free tool, that can factor any polynomial. If you are experiencing dome issues, please read the instruction.

Numbers factorization – with this tool, you will be able to assess, if a number is a prime, or a complex one. Fing all primes for a complex number.

Factoring quadratic equations – quadratic equation are one of the most popular and studied ones. If you need to factor a quadratic formula, you can use the first tool here, but we would recommend using this on, because it is faster and created exclusively for quadratics.

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Where had this tool been, when I was in high school! This is one amazing online equation solver, which you can use to solve almost any mathematical formula. Still wondering what this is? Just put an equation in the form and hit the button… I bet you will be amazed. This tool will completely solve it, will show you the graph of its function and many other useful information. Just copy and paste this quadratic equation, if you don’t know what to type there:


How to Use the Equation Solver

See these instructions about how to use the calculator. You can and in most times must use the scroll to see all of the information about your function. You have to input your function, equation or other math problem in the appropriate form, to be solved correctly. You have to use the mathematical operations as they are used in programming. This should not scare you, because it’s not a big deal, they are the same, there are some small differences only. For example:

xn has to be entered x^n

square root of x has to be entered x^0.5

nth root of x has to be entered as: x^(1/n)

Equation solver - graph

Equation solver – graph

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This is a simple calculator, which you can use to see the prime factors of any number you wish. It’s extremely intuitive, I think, so I wouldn’t explain its use. Just throw your number and hit the button… That’s it!

Prime Factors of a Number

With this factoring calculator you should be able to find the prime factors for any number. Just imput it and click on the button “Prime Factor” to make a calculation.

Enter the number:
Prime factors are:

If you don’t know about prime numbers, see the post: what is a prime number and I am sure that you will completely understand them ;).

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Recently, while I was browsing around the Internet, I came across a very nice script – this cool algebra problem solver below. It is a javascript application created by vortex.com, which can easily and quickly solve complex math expressions. You just need to enter the expression into the first (bigger) field and click on the ‘SOLVE’ button. Below you will find some basic instructions, that might help you if you are experiencing some issues with this calculator. Also, don’t forget checking out our more advanced math problem solver, which is more functional and can show you the solution step by step.

Enter Your Expression

Results – ( Ctrl + Enter )


Arithmetic Mathematic < check this box for advanced math functions

The Instructions

This tool is no brainer, here are some steps that could help you:
1. Enter/paste your algebra expression in the big field. You need to have it in the appropriate form, see the example equation in the form.
2. Check the box ‘Mathematic’ below the calculator to show some advanced mathematical operations. You can use any of these operations following the pattern:
operation(function or number)
for instance:
sqrt(56) ; sin(35+cos(2)) ;
3. Keyboard combinations – click on the field of the calculator and use any of these:
Clear the entered expression (Ctrl+Y)
Clear all fields (Ctrl+Q)
Evaluate/Solve the expression (Ctrl+Enter)

Please share this tool if you find it useful. Thanks!

Copyright © 2011 by Voynex.com

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